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About So Dark.

So Dark is a new web series of short films and upcoming Feature film surrounding the adventures of Sean, a 200 year old vampire who faces the same dilemma every day: Who to kill to survive. So Dark has been touted by critics as a fresh take on the stale Vampire format. Tired of boring pretty vampires who sparkle in the sun? So Dark aims to turn that on its head with a new exciting story with a brutal reality at its core.

So Dark involves an amazing all-Florida cast including Jeremy Palko (Never Back Down, Vampire Diaries, Burn Notice) as the cursed vampire Sean , Keri Maletto (TS-101, Quarterlifers, 5th of a Degree) as the cold-blooded FBI Agent Wilburn and Julie Kendall (Girls Gone Dead, 5th of a Degree), as a woman down on her luck who wants to become a vampire like Sean. The film also has a great supporting cast including Todd Bruno (Film Riot, Tell) and Wil Jackson.

Stay tuned for future episodes and the feature which we hope to be shooting early 2014!

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